Bioroid Year Zero poster

A poster for Bioroid Year Zero.

BIOHAZARD Year Zero (バイオロイド零年 Baioroido zeronen?), otherwise known as BIOHAZARD ZERO-NEN, is a Japanese stage play based on the Resident Evil franchise. A musical horror-comedy focusing on the zombified civilians' point-of-view, the play was performed by the Super Eccentric Theater ("SET") in a number of locations around Japan in the summer of 2000.[1]


Bioroid scene

A scene from the play

Bioroid is set nine years after a viral outbreak in the secret research city "BioCity" (バイオシティ) led to the area being quarantined. The story revolves around the zombies living inside the quarantine zone.


A "preview" performance of the play was demonstrated at the Spring TGS 2000 event, as reported by Famitsu.[2]

The play was toured around Japan over July and August 2000, performed in seven cities: Tokyo; Hiroshima; Fukuoka; Nagoya; Sendai; Sapporo and Osaka.[3]

On July 23 it was performed at the Nagoya Civic Center (名古屋市民会館). It was performed in Sapporo on August 10. The final performance in the tour was at the Osaka Welfare Pension Hall (大阪厚生年金会館) on August 19. The hall has since been torn down to make way for the Orix Theater.


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