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Further notes

Bitores Mendez will be formally fought at the Slaughterhouse in Chapter 2-3 of the main game. As the player approaches the barn a cutscene will play where Leon enters it himself and the chief ambushes him. The player must dodge his attack via a quick time event or they will get a game over scene. Being successful initiates the fight after the scene. Ashley will not be present during the fight, as she was left outside.

After sustaining enough damage, a cutscene will play where the top half of his body leaves his lower half and then the fight resumes. Mendez will now move around by wrapping his appendages around the horizontal beams and jumping from one to another and will now use a different set of attacks.

Upon defeat, Mendez will drop 30,000₧ and his False Eye. When the player picks up the False Eye, a short cutscene plays where Leon does so and then notices that part of the wall burns down. When gameplay resumes, there is now an exit and the player can use the "JUMP OUT" prompt to leave.


Move Attack value Description
Swing (振りまわし Furimawashi?) 800
Thrust (突き Tsuki?)[1][notes 1] Instant death (Stage 1)
800 (Stage 2)
Downward swing (振り下ろし Furi oroshi?) 800
Attract (引き寄せ Hikiyose?) 0
Slap (平手打ち Hirateuchi?) 800
Bear hug (ベアハッグ Beahaggu?) Action button
Throw-grab (つかみ投げ Tsukami nage?) Action button



  1. Primarily, "突き" is translated as "thrust". While it can also mean "stab", that word has its own respective wording
  1. (in Japanese) biohazard 4 kaitaishinsho kaitei ban. Enterbrain. pp. 142–143. ISBN 4-7577-2638-4. 

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