Bittersweet Escape - Kevin

Bittersweet Escape - Kevin

Bittersweet Escape (Kevin)

Bittersweet Escape (Kevin) is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak File 2. It is played at the end of the "desperate times" scenario if playing as Kevin Ryman.


Rita: C'mon!

Harry: Hurry!

Rita: C'mon, get in!
Is this everyone?
What about Marvin?

Marvin: Go, go, go!

Rita: Marvin!

Marvin: Don't worry about me! Just get going!

Rita: No way! I'm not leaving you behind!

Harry: Oh my god!

Rita: Marvin!

Kevin: You don't need to worry about him, Rita. He was born to be a cop.
It'll take more than that to stun a tough guy like him.
Hell, we haven't even finished training the new recruits yet.
Right, Marvin?

Rita: こっちよ!

Harry: は、 早く!

Rita: さあ、 乗って!

Marvin: 行け! 早く行け!!

Rita: マービン!!

Marvin: 俺に構うな! 早く行くんだ!!

Rita: 何言ってるの!? 早く来て!!

Harry: もう限界だ!

Rita: マービン!!

Kevin: …心配することはねえやつは根っからの警官さ
そうだろ? …マービン



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