Further notes
Giant spider

In the 2002 remake, the Black Tiger has an HP value of 4040 (compared with Chris' and Jill's 1400 and 960, respectively).[1]

Moveset (remake)

Web Spinner is capable of three unique combat moves in 2002's Resident Evil.

Note: All names are provided by the biohazard Kaitai Shinsho guide.[2]

Move Damage Description/Notes
Spitting (毒吐き Dokuhaki?) 200
Ramming (体当たり Karada atari?) 300
振り向き体当たり 300
Abdominal venom rupture (腹部破裂時の毒液 Fukubu haretsu-ji no dokueki?) 2

Weapon guide (remake)

Note: All stats are provided by the biohazard Kaitai Shinsho guide.[3]

Weapon Damage Number of ammunition/uses
Survival Knife (Chris's) 200 21
Survival Knife (Jill's) 121 34
Handgun 252 (Critical Hit: 1200) 9-17
Samurai Edge 252 (Critical Hit: 1200) 9-17
Shotgun 580 7
Assault Shotgun 680 6
Grenade Launcher (Grenade) Direct hit: 1000

Blast: 1000

Grenade Launcher (Acid) 1000 5
Grenade Launcher (Explosive) Direct hit: 2050
Blast: 1000
Magnum Revolver 1200 4
Self Defense Gun 1200 4
Barry's 44 Magnum 9999 1
Flamethrower 380 11
Infinite Rocket Launcher 9999 1
Dagger N/A N/A
Flash Grenade N/A N/A
Stun Gun N/A N/A


Resident Evil (original)

In the original Resident Evil, this spider acts as the boss of The Underground, having sealed the exit to the fountain access with its web. It can be killed with three Magnum rounds, while Chris could also use the Flamethrower to burn it. This also has the effect of killing any baby spiders that the creature is carrying. Interestingly enough, if the baby spiders appear, exiting the room and re-entering it will cause them to disappear.

Umbrella Chronicles

In The Umbrella Chronicles, a pair of Black Tigers are encountered in the underground caverns by Chris and Jill Valentine, but act like regular enemies. Rebecca Chambers and Richard Aiken also encounter several Black Tigers when making their way from the dormitory to the Spencer Mansion.



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