Further notes
  • A maximum of 13 Blobs can appear on Veteran mode:
  1. Two in the Mansion (documented here).
  2. Five in the Basement.
  3. Four in the Sewers.
  4. Two as secret Blobs.

On easier difficulties, the number of Blobs drops down significantly, to as low as 5.

  • In the prison block, a Blob passes Chris and Jill from a platform above. If you can stun it at this time with Incendiary Grenades, you can reach the top floor before it escapes and defeat it; it counts as a secret Blob.
  • The higher the difficulty you play on, the faster the Blobs's attacks will be. The "slam" attack will be insanely fast, while the "swing" attack can move so quickly, it is almost impossible to dodge. It is recommended that one should run past the Blob after landing a second melee attack, as trying to turn around and run will almost always result in getting mauled. The grab motion will also increase in speed to where it is impossible to dodge if the animation starts up. The Blob's attacks move at their quickest on "Professional" mode.
  • This creature is sometimes referred to as "Guardian of Insanity" (or "Keepers of Madness" or any variation), although this is a descriptive term and not a name, referring to the fact that they serve as "guards" around the Spencer Estate, a site of insanity.