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    Resident Evil: Revelations reviews are in and the consensus is that the 3DS title, which is set between the events of RE4 and RE5, is a winner. Gathered here are some of the choice reviews from print mags and from around the Web to give you a snapshot of what the critics are saying. There's also a section at the bottom so Wikians can have their say.

    Computer and Video Games
    Score: 9/10
    Revelations is a long way from a perfect action game, but it is a near perfect 3DS package. Forget Mercenaries 3D - it's time to leave the port and board Resi's true 3D maiden voyage.Nintendo Power
    Score: 9/10
    Every scene is rendered with incredible detail, the lighting and texture work are phenomenal, and little touches like intricate reload animations make it c…

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