Further notes

Bloodshots are a rare mutant species created by the C-Virus. As with the finalised version of the t-Virus which created Lickers, the C-Virus creates Bloodshots through the process known as virus activation or "V-ACT ". The trigger for a Zombie's mutation into a Bloodshot is the inflicting of serious damage to the head.[1] An indicator that the V-ACT process is underway is a bright red glow seen in a Zombie's eyes.

Bloodshots have the appearance of flayed corpses due to their mutation, which removes them of their skin. The muscle tissue however can be seen to be intact, giving them a bright red appearance. The ribcage is noticeably affected and individual rib movements are not indicative of normal breathing. Beneath this ribcage, the inside of its torso tends to glow brightly and bodily fluids are frequently spewed from the opening. Their face is significantly more deformed than normal Zombie's, and their teeth are jagged and twisted, sticking out directly from their mouths. There are also series of very small spikes that protrude along a Bloodshot's spine.

In terms of strength, Bloodshots are more athletic than Zombies and can pounce on prey or chase them, and can consume prey at a faster rate.[1]



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