Further notes

A Bloodshot seems to be an enhanced or evolved mutation of the standard zombie infected with the C-Virus. It appears more like the decayed zombies of the cemetery, devoid of any clothing. They are commonly seen with their muscle tissue still intact, however, and are often a bright red color. Many of them have an exposed ribcage that either the zombie is capable of controlling or moves on its own due to mutation, as the individual ribs are frequently seen moving back and forth.

Beneath this ribcage, the inside of its torso tends to glow brightly and bodily fluids are frequently spewed from the opening. Their face is significantly more deformed and mutated from a normal zombie, their teeth jagged and twisted, sticking out directly from their mouths. Notable is also a series of very small spikes that protrude along their spine. This variant is a further mutation of certain other zombies.

Players can tell when a zombie is about to turn into a Bloodshot by looking at their eyes. These will glow a bright red and will rapidly transform if constant trauma is applied to the zombie. A Bloodshot will usually pounce at the player right after its transformation.

Bloodshots have a certain visual resemblance to Lickers, in that both are distorted, skinless zombie-forms that transform from regular zombies, though the Licker metamorphosis takes far longer. Indeed, it would be reasonable to consider Bloodshots the C-Virus equivalent of Lickers.


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