Further notes

Behavior Edit

This variant is more mobile than even the typical C-Virus-infected zombie. They often remain hunched over, moving side to side constantly extremely quickly. A Bloodshot's primary means of attack is pouncing on their prey, as they are able to leap from great distances and with alarming speed. They will not hesitate to attack something they deem as prey.

They are also harder to stun with melee moves, as their muscles seem to have hardened during the rapid transformation.

Gameplay Edit


Prior to mutation.

The Bloodshot is often seen mixed in with other groups of zombies, able to weave back and forth between them as it is faster than the others. Typically as soon as a target comes into view, they will immediately jump on the player. This makes them extremely dangerous as they are able to reach the target from a long distance. This type of zombie comes as a mutation of other zombies. One that will mutate into this creature are very obvious as they have glowing pink-red eyes and wear strips of red cloth and a red hood.

Strategy Edit

A Bloodshot's style of attack is similar to that of dogs, or Lickers from previous games. If a player is more than a couple meters away, they will leap at them and rip at their throat for medium-high damage. If a player is too near the creature, it will attempt a slow, sweeping uppercut instead. It should be noted that on higher difficulty settings, they do not pounce as recklessly, opting to sway back and forth while moving into range first.

When it crouches down to get ready to pounce, it is possible to shoot the enemy out of the air and leave them vulnerable. Additionally, if the player is not distracted, they can simply move out of the way, as Bloodshots cannot change direction in midair. Their leap can also be countered with a well-timed button press, causing the player to flip the creature over their shoulder in mid-air, then stomp harshly on the exposed ribcage while twisting their foot back and forth to snuff out the vulnerable organs. This will instantly kill the creature on lower diffuculties, and is the best way of killing them to conserve stamina and ammunition. You are temporarily invulnerable during the process, thus making it possible to eliminate a small group of them in this manner.

Automatic weapons (More precisely, Assault Rifles) or weapons with heavy knockback, such as grenade launchers or shotguns, are generally advised when dealing with this breed of enemy. Unless you are very confident in your ability to counter their leap, it is strongly advised to fight them at long range. They may still attempt to leap, but will be briefly floored and vulnerable when they fail.