The P226 is a Weapon Card in the Resident Evil DBG, here called the rather interesting name of Blowback Pistol (something every handgun in the games could be called). The Blowback Pistol is considered a Pistol Type weapon but it stays in its own unique deck of the Resource Area. It's got an ammo requirement of 40 and only deals 20 Damage, but it can gain more with its effect. The player can discard any number of pistols from their hand to get +10 Damage for each Pistol discarded. This makes it especially deadly in the hands of Leon S. Kennedy; since Leon's effects not only lower its ammo requirement but also make it so the pistol can be used twice if he has the ammo to use it. Due to Leon's strong dependence on Handguns, the Blowback Pistol can make his usually repetitive play strategy level the playing field. The Blowback Pistol has a Gold Cost of 40.

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