Bob's Suicide

Bob's Suicide

Bob, near total t-Virus infection, chooses to rather commit Suicide than to become a Zombie.


Bob: "I can't move anymore. I know me, and I'm not gonna become someone else's burden."

  • Bob raises his gun.

Mark Wilkins: "Bob, stop!"

  • Mark pushes the handgun back to the floor.

Bob: "No, you don't understand Mark. I'm no different from them. I feel the hunger."

  • Bob takes the handgun out of Mark's grasp.

Bob: " please let me die while my... conscience remains."

  • Bob ends his misery with a single gunshot to the head.

Mark Wilkins: "Oh, Bob... BOB!"


  • Birlew, Dan (2004). Resident Evil Outbreak Official Strategy Guide. Indianapolis: BradyGames. 


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