Bolt-Action Rifle card

The Bolt-Action Rifle is a Weapon card in the Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. It is the main part of the Rifle deck in the Resource Area, with its "special weapon" being the Semi-Automatic Rifle. The Bolt-Action Rifle is a rather unwieldy weapon due to the amount of ammunition it requires for such a moderate amount of damage, however its effect attempts to rectify this; the player must reveal the top card of their Inventory and if the Gold Cost of the revealed card is 40 or more, the Rifle gains +30 Damage, making it well worth it if the player invests in high cost cards. In the base set, Sheva Alomar is the rifle specialist. Her effects lower the ammo requirement of rifles and allow her to take a card from her hand and place it on top of her Inventory. This makes rifles much easier to use. The Rifle is later succeeded by the Telescopic Sight Rifle in Alliance. Its Gold cost is 50, its ammo requirement is 50, and its base damage without the help of its effect is 20 Damage.