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(The SkyWalker Comics mythos)

"Boss" was an Umbrella executive who monitored the t-Virus outbreak in Raccoon City very thoroughly, being as involved as actually visiting the city to witness the Nemesis-William confrontation, personally.


The Umbrella helicopter arrived in Raccoon City during the long battle between the former Dr. William and the Nemesis B.O.W. Hovering over during the conflict, the helicopter was caught up in a whirlwind. With William being defeated, reduced to a limbless punching bag, the helicopter fired on the Nemesis. The Tyrant responded by downing the helicopter with its tentacles, killing Makǎfu as he fled. Boss, meanwhile, continued to sit in his chair patiently. As the Nemesis was ready to kill him, William mutated into his 'G4' form and initiated yet another fight, now over who would kill 'Boss'. Having seen enough, Boss hopped in a car with the female helicopter survivor and drove away from the battle.



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