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The Bowgun is a weapon that appears in the Separate Ways side game of Resident Evil 4. It is a crossbow with a pistol grip that uses explosive bolts as ammo.


The Bowgun is a very unique weapon as it fires bolts that explode. The bolts explode on contact. It can only be obtained by purchasing it from the Merchant for 70,000₧ in Chapter 3 onwards and only in Separate Ways. It has a resale value of 35,500₧.

The weapon takes up 15 spaces (3x5 squares) of Ada's inventory and uses Bowgun Bolts as ammunition. It has a firepower of 16.6, can fire every 2.43 seconds, a reload speed of 2.00 seconds and a capacity of 1. The Bowgun cannot be upgraded. It fires one bolt at a time. The number shown in the HUD is the total number of bolts Ada has at a time.



"A standard issue pistol-style crossbow."


Fire Power Fire Speed Reload Speed Capacity
16.6 2.43 2.00 1


  • Because the Bowgun takes up such a large space in the inventory, some players should wait until Chapter 5 to buy it along with the last attaché case upgrade.
  • If shot into a target at short range, it might significantly harm the player, which is especially a problem in the battle against Krauser, as it takes place in a very small stage.
  • The Bowgun works best against Saddler, as there is some extra ammo for it in the area.



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