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The Bridge (not to be confused with The Bridge) is a location in Resident Evil 5, that is featured in Chapter 6-2 and Chapter 6-3


Chapter 6-2Edit


Bridge (tanker) (9)

Pressing the button prompts will enable Chris/Sheva to dodge the tentacle attacks.

The game will automatically save itself when player enter this area. There's a green herb that can be found at the end of the corridor. Player can enter the door to the left. Because there's an Uroboros tentacle in front blocking the path, player can head to the room on the right which contains a handgun ammo and Chalice (Gold) inside the lockers.

Proceed toward the long straight corridor where player can view the Uroboros Aheri by observing the window. Player must always be ready to press the button prompts to dodge any tentacle attacks. Failed to dodge the attacks will result minor health loss. From the long corridor, player should head to the room on the left since there's another tentacle blocking the path ahead.

Inside that room, player can find rifle ammunition inside the locker. Proceed to the next room where player can find more items; Proximity Bomb, shotgun ammo and handgun ammo. Head outside back to the straight corridor and press the button prompts to dodge a tentacle attacks. Head upstairs to reach the 2F


Bridge (tanker) (23)

The Bridge Keycard can be obtain from the Duvalia body.

On the 2F, player can check the room on the left containing various items inside; a green herb and Chalice (Gold) inside a locker. Head back outside and approach the pile of corpses. Player will encounter few Majini along the way. One of them will mutate into a Duvalia. Once player defeated it, it will drop the Bridge Keycard. Go inside the control room, which player can read two files; Report on Project W - August 28, 1998 and Spencer's notebook. Follow the rest of the path until player reaches the control room.

Bridge (tanker) (32)

This thing is gigantic! We have to take it out before it destroys the ship!

Player can find a multiple items and one file (Satellite Laser Shange Operating Manual) inside the control room; machine gun ammo, handgun ammo, shotgun ammo and red herb. The elevator to the engine room cannot be use at this point. Player can head up the stairs to the Bridge Deck.

After the Uroboros Aheri is defeated, Chris and Sheva will return to this room before heading into the engine room using the elevator.

Chapter 6-3Edit

Bridge (tanker) (41)

Always wanted to be a captain, but now's not the time.

In Chapter 6-3, Chris and Sheva will return to this area. After a small cutscene, player can investigate the seat at the center of the room. Once player press the button prompt for the "?", the character will sit down and the "Always wanted to be a captain, but now's not the time." localization will appear. With the Uroboros Aheri defeated, player can enter the elevator to head toward the Engine Room.


Location Localization Action Original Script
The navigation panel The automatic navigation's been engaged! I can't operate it! Investigate
The control panel I can't operate the controls. They must be locked. Investigate
Observed the window This thing is gigantic! We have to take it out before it destroys the ship! Investigate
The control panels on the main deck All the controls seem to be in working order, but it won't let me operate them. Investigate
The elevator (Emergency mode) It's in emergency mode. Guess that's why it's locked. Investigate
The control panels on the main deck (Chapter 6-3) He's going to use the bomber to spread Uroboros... We have to stop him now! Investigate
The seat (Chapter 6-3) Always wanted to be a captain, but now's not the time. Investigate


Cutscene (Chapter 6-3)Edit

Main GameEdit


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