Bring Back Her Consciousness is a cutscene in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It plays before player will control Carlos, though an alternate cutscene will play if player explores Jill again.


This cutscene is a dialogue between Jill and Carlos in the chapel.


  • (Screen is black)

Jill Valentine: October 1st. Night. I woke up to the sound of falling rain. I can't believe I'm still...alive.

  • (Carlos is kneeling before Jill, who is lying on a table in the chapel. Jill slowly comes to with a moan of pain.)

Jill Valentine: Carlos...?

Carlos Oliveira: It looks like our roles have been reversed from when we originally met, huh? Don't worry, Jill. This chapel is safe.

Jill Valentine: ...I've been infected by the virus...haven't I? (Winces in pain)

Carlos Oliveira: Hey, take it easy.

Jill Valentine: I'm okay. I don't...feel any pain. (Rolls to her side away from Carlos as he stands) But that's what bothers me. If I can't feel anything, then what does that means?

Carlos Oliveira: Don't give up, Jill. I'll take care of you! Whatever you do, don't let that virus beat you!

(If you try to talk to Jill again):

Jill Valentine: If I turn into a zombie...don't hesitate. I want your word...that you'll kill me...

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