Resident Evil 1 Remake Broken Flamethrower

REmake Broken Flamethrower

"The muzzle is broken. It can't be fired."

The Broken Flamethrower is an unusable item that is found in the remake version of Resident Evil. At first, the broken flamethrower is hidden inside a crate that the player cannot open. The crate however needs to be transported to another area of the underground tunnels with the use of a special lift. After having the crate crushed by a piece of machinery, Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield can pick up the unusable flamethrower. With the unusable flamethrower, they can use it on a set of latches in order to open a door in the underground tunnels that is guarded by Lisa Trevor. However, Chris or Jill will need to open the latches first with the use of a timer switch located nearby. Once the flamethrower has been placed on the latches, then the player will be able to travel to the surface through Lisa Trevor's cottage.