Further notes

The First encounter with the Brzak is a series of Quick-time-events that differ slightly depending on whether the player is using Leon or Helena, although the cutscene ends with the characters trapped in an underground cavern regardless. Both characters must reunite by the iron gate on the other side of the water but this is complicated by the return of the Brzak. Leon must rapidly hammer the action button to swim away from the beast whilst Helena fires at its glowing tongue. Failing to do so will result in a game over. Once both characters are on dry land, interact with the gate to trigger the final encounter.

The Brzak knocks Leon and Helena into an underground waterfall and begins advancing towards them. The Player must fire at its glowing tongue to drive it back or they will be killed instantly when it devours them. After shooting at the beast for several moments, another quick-time-event is triggered and failure will result in another immediate death. Explosive barrels will start falling down the tunnel and the game will go into slow motion. Aim and shoot the barrel above the Brzak to finally destroy the monster.