"A bunny girl costume... Was Jack planning to change the uniform at the bar? Perv... "
Cindy Lennox, upon examining this item.

The Bunny Costume (バニー衣装 Banī ishō?, Bunny costume) is a special item in Resident Evil Outbreak.


The Bunny Costume located at the Drawing Room, on the plant pot in the northeast corner of the room, next to the statue. It's found in the Decisions, Decisions scenario on paths B and C.


This item is exclusive to Cindy, and is one of seven items required to unlock her second alternative costume, Funny Bunny, and is, in the most correct order, the last component and the main part of the costume. The other components are; Bunny CuffsBunny Bow TieFishnet TightsSexy LipstickBunny Ears and High Heels.



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