Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

This bus driver drove a school bus in Tall Oaks with the intention to rescue his friend, a gunshop owner, and a group of survivors who had moved into the store with him, including Leon S. Kennedy and Helena Harper. Although he succeeded in getting the group out of the city, he had lost his friend and another survivor in the process as a Whopper attacked the bus

On his way to the church, he hit a zombie and lost control of the vehicle, almost swerving off a cliff overlooking the cemetery. The bus was overrun by zombies shortly afterward, causing the deaths of Nancy and a police officer. Having trouble maintaining control of the vehicle, he was unable to avoid an out-of-control truck. The subsequent collision launched the bus off a cliff and into the cemetery, which overturned the vehicle. Although the driver survived the collision and landing, he was caught up in the subsequent explosion of the bus, killing him instantly.