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Butler's Memo is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 4. It is referred to as the "Butler's Memoirs" (執事の手記 Shitsuji no shuki?) in the original script.


Knowing that Sr. Ramon Salazar has no family, Lord Saddler must have used his strong faith in Los Illuminados to his advantage to talk Sr. Salazar into undoing the seal of the Las Plagas once done by his ancestor.

Sir. Salazar would never do such a thing unless he was in some way being used unknowingly. I should have sensed the Lord's dirty scheme sooner. I feel I'm partly responsible for all of this.

I have no idea as to what the Lord is planning, but Sr. Salazar was just being used.

It is too late now however, Sr. Salazar has already taken the Plaga into his body.

There is no turning back once the Plaga has turned into an adult in the body.

The Plaga parasite will not die unless the host dies. There's no cure. Perhaps, Sr. Salazar may have been vaguely aware of the Lord's plan all along. But it's so hard to tell.

Nevertheless, there's nothing I can do about it now.

I have served the Salazar family for generations. I am prepared to continue my services until the very end.













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