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The Cabin (小屋 Koya?)[1] is a small hut in the courtyard outside of the Spencer Mansion.


Lisa House (15)

Lisa approaching Chris.

The cabin is composed of a fireplace, bed, various items, and furniture.


Lisa House (14)

Upon obtaining the square crank from the dust-covered back hallway, Lisa Trevor will make her first visual appearance. Your character will be knocked out by her and will soon regain consciousness, having to face Lisa as a boss.

It is strongly advised not to engage Lisa at this point, as she cannot be killed. If she is hit with enough firepower, she will fall down for a few seconds, giving your character a chance to escape. The best course of action, however, is to attempt to slip by her as she attacks and escape the cottage, thus saving valuable ammunition.

If you reenter the cottage once you have escaped, Lisa will have vanished.


Location Localization Original Script
The fireplace This firewood looks fresh
Hang bandages A number of bandages have been hung up. Could these brown stains be blood?
About to take the map of the Courtyard There's a map of the COURTYARD. Take it? Yes/No
Checking the bed A crude bed. It looks like no one's used it in a long time.
Check the window next to the bed From here you've got a good view of the entrance of the cabin.





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