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California was a US State located on the Pacific coast. It was the most populated state in the West Coast; bordered by Oregon to the north, Nevada to the west, Arizona to the southwest and Baja California, Mexico to the south. The capital was Sacramento while the largest city was Los Angeles.

DeCandido Edit

In 2002, San Francisco was the first city to fall to the global T-virus pandemic after the CDC and Umbrella failed to contain the infection.[1] The infection would eventually travel northward to Oregon and Washington State, before random reports of infection were reported throughout the Midwestern United States.

Five years later, Claire Redfield's convoy arrived in the state. They raided the San Diego Naval Yards in San Diego for military vehicles and later visited Kettleman Station, Lebec, and Bakersfield. Upon visiting these empty cities, the convoy noted that the Mojave Desert has started to encroach the once populated center of the state.

Sources Edit

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