Dr. Cameron was an Umbrella Corporation researcher working in Raccoon City.

In 1998, as the t-Virus ravaged Raccoon City, a team within the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service under Claus was dispatched to retrieve Cameron or, failing that, her research data.

Unfortunately, before they could get to her, Cameron was infected by the t-Virus. Unwilling to succumb to the same fate as her colleagues, Cameron injected herself with an experimental serum.

The serum had mixed results. Although it halted the spread of the virus, it caused her to mutate into a new form of life, one with tremendous strength. But Cameron discovered the ability to implant her personality and memories into other organisms by injecting them with the tentacles the mutations forced upon the bodies she used, making her practically immortal.

Baio 007-1-

Cameron after the mutation.

Eventually, after whittling away at the U.B.C.S team, Cameron implanted herself into a monitor - Roger. As Roger and Claus made their escape from Raccoon, Cameron asserted herself and revealed Roger to be nothing more than a puppet under her control, even shaping his body to alter part of his face to resemble her own. Impaling the unfortunate squad leader with a tentacle, Cameron explained how she had observed the team after she was reduced to a cloud of dust in the Municipal warehouse. Vowing that Umbrella would never get their hands on her research, she used her tentacles to destroy Claus' head, and presumably escaped Raccoon City in the guise of Roger.

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