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Anderson universe
(Covers information from Anderson's universe)

Carlos Olivera was an Umbrella soldier operating in the aftermath of the global T-Virus outbreak.


Carlos was one of a number of clones derived from his namesake, a former Umbrella soldier-turned-resistance member who died in 2007. Produced at the Umbrella Prime facility along the Siberian coast, this clone was assigned by the Red Queen to operate as a guard and provided with the appropriate memories.

Carlos worked with Jill Valentine; James Shade, Rain Ocampo, Espeon and several other guards in a mission to re-capture the escaped Janus "Alice" Prospero. As she escaped through the various facility sectors, they had to contend with a renegade Ada Wong and a strike team led by Leon S. Kennedy and Barry Burton. Carlos killed Barry during a standoff, he was eventually killed alongside two others when the strike team successfully detonated charges, flooding the complex before being destroyed.

Appearance and wardrobeEdit

Carlos' clones wore the usual leather combat-like suit expected for Umbrella operatives, while he wore leather pants; a top and boots.


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