The Casino Staff's Report, known as the Casino employee's daily report (カジノ従業員の日報?, Kajino jūgyōin no nippō) in the original script, is a file that can be found in Resident Evil: Revelations.


I finally found out how to bypass the security on the VIP room.

That room's reserved for all the high rollers, so I've always been curous what goes on in there.

It's so easy. All you have to do is feed coins into the casino firl next to the door and you can bypass any security.

You have to hit the precise weight -- 107 grams. A small price to pay for access to the VIP room.


あそこは金持ちの常連しか入れない部屋だっていうから、 前から気にはなっていたんだ。

なんでもセキュリティを解くには、 扉の隣にいるカジノガールにコインを与えてやればいいらしい。



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