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The Barracks (兵舎?) is an area of the Castle explored in Chapter 4-1.


The barracks contains books, cabinets, spears and a table. By the time Leon and Ashley make it up stairs, a number of zealots will appear, including a Red Zealot. The Red Zealot will drop a large quantity of pesetas upon death.


A room containing the Golden Sword and Platinum Sword puzzle. This is the area that Leon first encounters the Red Zealot, and perhaps more significantly, the Stage B Plaga. Leon was contact by Hannigan before they lost connection.

To reveal the hidden door, Leon must swap the Golden and Platinum Swords, so that the Golden Sword is in the golden frame, and the Platinum Sword is in the Platinum Frame. If done quick enough, the Red cultist and the regular cultists he leads will not spawn.


Location Action Localization Original script
Closed cabinets OPEN (view of doors opening)
The Platinum Sword on the gold plate CHECK There's a Platinum Sword mounted on the gold plate. Take the Platinum Sword? (choice: Yes / No)
The book on the table CHECK There's an old book here. It's so weathered it's illegible.
The Golden Sword on the platinum mount CHECK There's a Golden Sword mounted on the platinum plate. Take the Golden Sword? (choice: Yes / No)
The Platinum Sword on the platinum mount CHECK Take the Platinum Sword?

(choice: Yes / No)

The Golden Sword on the gold mount CHECK Take the Golden Sword?

(choice: Yes / No)




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