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The Castle entrance (古城入口?)[1] area is the first in the Castle, which encompasses Chapter 3 and Chapter 4. The merchant can be found in this area. The Broken Butterfly, Riot Gun and Rifle (semi-auto) become available on the buy list.


The area is rather small with the inner castle wall looming over it. A path with some items exists behind the building here.


The area loads with the risen drawbridge behind the player. The merchant, as well as a Green Herb and a Typewriter can be found in the small building. There are a few barrels past the tree in this area, as well as a chest containing 5000 pesetas. Be aware that a Snake resides in the box in the back corner of the area.


Location Action Localization Original script
The bridge CHECK No point in turning back now.




  1. Biohazard 4 Kaitai Shinsho Kaitei Ban, p.236.

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