Chapter 1-3 is the third part of Resident Evil 4's Chapter 1.



Hunnigan: Leon. I've been able to get some new info that might help you.

Leon: Fill me in.

Hunnigan: Apparently, there's a religious cult group involved. They're called the "Los Iluminados".

Leon: Los Iluminados? That's a mouthful. Anyway I had an unexpected run-in with the big cheese of the village.

Hunnigan: But you're okay right?

Leon: Yeah... But he could have killed me but he let me live... And he mentioned something about me carrying the same blood as them. Whatever that means.

Hunnigan: Carry the same blood..." Hmm... Interesting...

Leon: Anyway, there are more important things than solving riddles right now.

Hunnigan: Leon. Have you reached the church yet?

Leon: Ah... well yeah. Sort of...

Hunnigan: Leon, did I mention not to take the scenic route? At any rate, Ashley's probably inside that structure. Rescue her. Hurry!

Leon: Hunnigan it's Leon. The door's locked. I can't get in.

Hunnigan: Didn't they teach you how to pick locks at the academy?

Leon: There's some sort of indentation like something might fit inside.

Hunnigan: Well there's no use standing around. Leon you have to find some way or something to get inside.

Leon: What's that...?

Leon: Shit!

Villager: Vámonos.

Villager: Okay.

Villager: ¡Ándale!

Hunnigan: レオン こちらの調べで

Leon: 報告してくれ

Hunnigan: そこの地方に古くからある宗教団体が絡んでいるらしいわ

Leon: ロス・イルミナドス?

Hunnigan: で 無事なの?

Leon: ああ しかしあの男…

Hunnigan: 『同じ血が混じった』…ちょっと気になるわね

Leon: だが今はそんな事を

Hunnigan: そうねとにかく今は教会に急いで

Hunnigan: そろそろ教会に着いたかしら?

Leon:ん?あ ああ…

Hunnigan: レオン寄り道している時間はないわ

Leon: ダメだ ドアがロックされていて中に入れない

Hunnigan: どうにもならない?

Leon: 何かをはめられそうなくぼみがある

Hunnigan: どちらにせよじっとしていても仕方がないわ

Leon: Ad-lib

Leon: Ad-lib

Villager: Ad-lib

Villager: Ad-lib

Villager: Ad-lib


Step back into the room for another interesting cutscene. Then search the house for a herb, egg, incendiary grenade and some money. Check the bathroom under the stairs for a Don Esteban. Once you're done, save if you like and head outside.

You'll automatically be confronted by a Chainsaw Man along with a Don Estaban. If you move too far, a Don Jose armed with an axe will attack as well. Simply use your grenades and shotgun to quickly clear them out and continue to the shack for some crates and two birds nests. There should also be a handful of villagers up ahead as well which can be quickly dealt with by using a sniper or shotgun. Continue near the double doors.

You'll face a few Villagers here. If you'd like, simply run by them and go to the door with Los Iluminados insignia, use the key and enter. Break the box and save if needed then open the door. Shoot the lantern and take the spinel before climbing down the hatch (make sure you're not under the lantern when you shoot it).

When you get to an open area, shoot the lantern. This will show three sparkles that can be shot down to merit two spinels and an Elegant Headdress, There will be another merchant up ahead. He offers the stock for the TMP but that's unimportant if you've been paying attention so buy First Aid Spray if needed and move on.

Head up the trail, shooting a birds nest on the way and take a right for the shack. There will not doubt be an Maria in there along with a Don Manuel. Dispose of them, raid the shack and shoot any birds nearby. There should be more enemies up the hill so take care of them as well and shoot the bird's nest.

Also, keep being on the lookout for Blue Medallions, if you shot of all the ones in the farmyard then shoot all them here too as well as it'll unlock a free gun if you shoot all 15. 3 of them should be around the main graveyard with the rest near the planks.


In the churchyard behind the building is a pedestal with a dial mechanism embedded within it. You must have certain symbols 'selected' in order to unlock the Green Catseye the mechanism is locking. This can be done by following the order of commands as "3, 4, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4".

Keep going down the planks. Enemies can be knocked off with one hit so keep that in mind and keep your eyes open for medallions. Raid the shack but one of the boxes has a snake in it. Simple slash the snake again and it yields an egg. Keep moving, finish the last enemy and got through the door.

Toss a grenade at the crows to kill them all then raid the shacks and look around for ammo and a spinel on the carts. Head for the lower set of double doors when you're done. Smash the crates and save if needed and then talk to the Merchant again. He'll give the Punisher if you've completed the sidequest and now you can sell your starting handgun (see why I said not to upgrade it). The Punisher is not only stronger but can also pierce through two enemies at once making it considerable better than your puny starting pea-shooter. When you're done, head back the way you came and take a right at the top of the stairs and head through the double doors.

Raid the shack and then go down the hill to initiate another Boulder run sequence. After that's done, turn around and shoot the shiney spot on the cliff for a Spinel. Continue to the docks which will be swarming with enemies and TNT traps. If you're smart, you can use the traps to your advantage as the enemies will actually set them off for you if they run through them. The shack should have some items and a snake as well. Also, there should be a birds nest in one of the trees near the water that contains an antique pipe. Run up the ramp, take the grenade on the bench and continue along the bridge. Raid the shack which should have two Ganado nearby. Keep going and go through the door when ready.

Head up the hill on the left to witness a scene. After it's done, grab the red herb and continue back down. Shoot the nest for a Gold Bangle w/Pearls. Grab the items in both shacks and then save. Don't enter the motorboat yet but shoot the fish. Be careful, you'll only get about 5 or 6 shots before the Del Lago will attack you, resulting in a cheap death. Get in the motorboat and pick them up before continuing on up ahead for your first boss battle

Boss fight: Del Lago

Del Lago

The Del Lago

As you're dragged along, avoid the debris in the water. If you get hit, it'll take a portion of your life away and you'll have to mash the action button to swim back. The lower your health, the farther you'll have to swim. When you get an opportunity, hold your aim button and press the action button to throw a harpoon. You can keep scoring hits until it submerges in which case press left or right quick to avoid it from surfacing and hitting you. When the boat stands still, it means you're going to get rushed. Keep your eyes peeled, and when it approaches, hit it in the face with a harpoon. Even though it's still charging towards you, it'll submerge at the last second (why it doesn't swallow the boat whole is beyond me).

Repeat until it dies (or flees or whatever). Keep your hands on the controller(s)/keyboards! Leon's leg will get tangled with the rope so you'll have to mash the action button as fast as possible to cut the rope off, or else Leon will be pulled into the lake by Del Lago's body and the former will die by drowning. Once it's done, Leon will finally wash ashore and end the chapter.

Further notes


  • In the cabin that has a Typewriter before the Del Lago boss fight, there is a certain spot between the two shelves that, if the player shoots a Rocket Launcher at the wall, Leon won't get stunned nor get damaged by the explosion.
  • If you did the village fight skip glitch, no Ganados will spawn at the Village. If you enter the shotgun house, it will initiate the village fight a whole 2 chapters later. (This does not work on the PS3, XB360, XBONE, PS4, and Ultimate HD versions of the game)
  • In Chief Mendez' house, you can position yourself next to the glass cabinet and take the Incendiary Grenade inside without breaking the glass. (Only works on the Gamecube version of the game)

Easter Eggs

  • If Leon shoots the water repeatedly while standing on the wooden pier near the boat before proceeding to fight Del Lago. Del Lago will surprise attack Leon and swallow him whole.




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