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Chapter 2-1 radio conversation 1 (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 4.


Ingrid Hannigan: "Leon. It's been 6 hours since our last transmission."
"I was starting get worried."

Leon S. Kennedy: "Don't you mean lonely?"
"Anyway, I started to feel dizzy. Then I guess I must have lost consciousness."

Hannigan: "Lost consciousness?"
"Maybe that has some connection to what the village chief was talking about...?"

Leon: "Can't say. But I'm all right now."
"I'm gonna continue my mission."

Ingrid Hannigan: "レオン    6時間も連絡をよこさないなんて"
"一体何があったの? "

Leon S. Kennedy: "…すまない"

Hannigan: "めまい?…"
"さっき『血が混じった』とか言ってたことと何か関係が? "

Leon: わからん…だが今はなんともない任務を続行する"

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