Chapter 2-3 is the fifth level of Resident Evil 5.


Please note that this chapter is generally more favourable to have an AI partner than a human partner, especially if you play as Chris, seeing as the AI partner is extremely accurate with the Gambit's guns, and during the Savanna chase, your partner will shoot at enemies almost instantly after they spawn, giving you a great early-warning system.

This Chapter takes place in the plains as you control a Machine Gun turret on Delta team's Gambit. Chris will use the PKM Machine gun at top, while Sheva uses the M61 Vulcan Minigun at the rear.

Your enemies are Majini on motorbikes and trucks trying to destroy your vehicle. During the fight be sure to take down any Majini with Molotov cocktails as they will cause a lot of damage and distract you. when the armored trucks appear have one player shoot the trucks as the other keeps the Motorcycle Majini at bay, burst fire is recommended, since both guns will go overheat.

Boss: NdesuEdit



After fighting in the hummer for a 5-10 minute period of time, Chris and Sheva come across what is left of the Delta Team outpost, which has been destroyed by the Majini. Chris and Sheva then have to fight off a Ndesu, which very similar to the El Gigante from Resident Evil 4. During this fight, you both have to use the turrets from the Hummer. Be wary of the Majini that will occasionally appear and whittle away at your health.

To kill this enemy: First, have both players continuously shoot the monster in the face. He has two main attacks that he uses. 1. When he lifts up his foot to stomp on the Gambit, shoot him in the face or the leg 2. He will lean back with his fists together and will bring them down onto the Gambit, to stop this shoot him in the head as he begins the attack. Ndesu will pick up a large boulder which can be destroyed with enough gunfire or by shooting the oil barrel on the right of him and after a certain amount of damage is dealt, two Las Plagas parasites will sprout form different parts of its body. Have one player shoot at the parasites while the other player keeps shooting at its face. It will also pick up a pole and will smash you with it prompting dodge sequences to make it drop the pole and avoid this. Shoot the oil barrel nearest to Ndesu. Once the smaller parasites are killed, a larger one will sprout from its back, which should be shot at by both players until it goes back into the monster. After dealing more damage the next phase of the monster will appear revealing four Las Plagas parasites, from its chest and arms, like last time once they are gone the large one should pop out of its back. Shooting the Giant Las Plagas parasite from its back will kill it.

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