Chapter 3-2 is the seventh level of Resident Evil 5.


Execution GroundsEdit

After getting out of the cart, leave the room and you will witness a BSAA Delta Team member being eaten by a large crocodile and three Wetlands Majini enter the scene. You can kill them all with the Infinite Rocket Launcher. Notice that if you're shot when trying to jump over something, you will sometimes be eaten by the crocodile; the same will happen to a Majini that falls into the water, so make sure the your surroundings are clear before you jump.

After you kill them and attempt to cross the bridge, a Majini will kick a pod, making the bridge rise. You'll need to kill the Majini, press "investigate" beside the wheel, and command your partner to wait there. Get to the other side and jump into the small boat. Your partner will turn the wheel, and you'll need to dodge the crocodile three times by holding the Left Bumper and Right Bumper. You won't drop out of the boat while dodging, so you can walk around. However, the crocodile can't be shot to death, even if you shoot aimlessly into the lake with the Infinite Rocket Launcher.

When you reach the other side, kick the pod and drop the bridge. Take away the metal blocking the door and go to the bridge. You'll enter a cave and you'll see two skull lights with two gems. Reach the end of the cave and you'll see two TriCell tents. Drop into the tent further away, there should be a First Aid Spray on the table. Pick it up - you'll probably need it. There will be some grasses around, and you can use some explosive in the grasses to kill the snakes inside and take their eggs. You'll also see a gas cylinder and some oil-like liquid. You'll see a beetle on it. After that you'll reach the oil field and leave the Execution Ground.

Oil Field - RefineryEdit

In the oil field, there are gas leakages to the path toward the main building where leads to Irving. In order to turn them off, you'll need to enable the wheel to activate the two zip-lines, and turn the other two wheels to stop the leakage. However, every time you reach the two wheels, a Chainsaw Majini appears. The wheel next to a blocked door will trigger a Chainsaw Majini upon both characters' arrival, so once you reach the wheel, turn it before your partner comes. The other wheel will trigger another Chainsaw Majini once any one of the characters reaches the wheel. You'll have enough time to turn the wheel before the Chainsaw Majini comes. Both of them could be ignored, but it's not recommended. This area is large enough to use sniper rifle, making the kill faster. You can also use the Magnum to speed up the kill, but if you don't have enough ammo or want to save them for later, use the former to help you. They will also drop a Venom Fang (3000g).

Oil Field - Control FacilityEdit

Proceed to the main building, and you'll trigger a cutscene, which tells you that Josh survived Ndesu's ambush. The three must leave the facility and find Irving before he runs away again. Josh will enable the elevator while you and your partner protect him. There will be Town Majinis climbing over the fences, and through both the windows in the left and the right. There will be two Big Man Majinis. After killing all Majini, get into the elevator and go up. Proceed to a door, where there will be another machine beside it. Josh will again enable the door while you and your partner protect him. A cutscene will play, and some Majinis, including a Chainsaw Majini, will come from the elevator. You can instantly kill all of them with the Infinite Rocket Launcher, or climb the ladder and snipe them. The door will open in no time, but the Chainsaw Majini will reach the door before it's open, so you should try to kill that enemy.

Oil Field - DockEdit

You can leave the place when the door is ready to be opened, leaving any surviving enemies behind in the process. Then you'll reach the port, and you will be able to see a ship. Go toward the ship and you'll trigger a cutscene, in which Irving states that the oil field will be destroyed by charges and leaves, beginning a 2-minute timer. You'll receive a transmission from Josh, saying that he has found a boat to leave the field. You'll need to kill two groups of Majini and open a gate, at which point a Big Man Majini will come out with four dogs. A shoot from a Rocket Launcher will do the job. Before getting down the stairs, notice that there are two tripwire mines that you need to shoot to pass safely.

Josh will be below, and the door of the room beside Josh will be opened, a few Majini coming through a moment afterwards; Josh will help fight them off. Reach the dock, and this Chapter ends.