Chapter 4-2 is a level in Resident Evil 4.



Make your way down the stairs and there will be the Merchant there and some handgun rounds near the typewriter with one of Luis' memos to the left of it, there is also a shooting range in the room you can choose to go there or not. After making your decisions make your way to the blue metal door. Jog down the tunnel and take care of the two villagers there and get the Velvet blue from the cart then go further down the tunnel and then you'll be faced with few Ganados, dispose of them and go to the lever near the boulder in front of the ladder you dropped down from. A Rocket Launcher can be used to destroy the boulder, though this is impractical outside of speedrunning the game. The cart that's carrying the Dynamite needed to clear the boulder will be stuck so go to the stairs to your right and go to the circuit breaker terminal to restore power then go back to the lever and activate it again, though be warned that Chainsaw Man will make an appearance, considering you have decent of firepower with you now he shouldn't be that hard anymore. After that grab the Dynamite from the cart and place it on the boulder blocking the path; stand clear from high explosives about to detonate. After that go through the door.

Boss Fight

Unlike other boss fights in the game, this consists of two specific opponents, both El Gigantes. The arena consists of a large smelting pit covered by a trap door in the middle, and a raised platform (with gondola) and the trap door lever on other sides.

The player can defeat one of the El Gigantes by luring it to the platform, then swinging to the lever. By the time the player reaches the lever the boss should be on top of the trap door. Be careful in performing this action, as it can still drag people down with it while the trap door is open. The trap then breaks, preventing the second boss from being killed in the same manner. This second boss can be defeated through the same actions as the first two El Gigante boss fights.


After surviving the encounter go to the door and through the tunnel, here you'll be faced with some flying Novistadores. Novistadores are instantly killed when shot while flying, so it is best to equip a shotgun. In this area you will have to activate two switches to open the door at the center. Jog up the pathway and go to the first cavern to your right; go inside and activate the switch on the wall. Be warned that some Novistadores will come to you when you are about to leave. Afterwards jog up further the pathway then go to the tunnel to your left then activate the switch inside there as well, and again some Novistadores will again come to you then go to the door you just unlocked. Here you will be faced with some traps that only requires good timing to cross but once you cross the second trap pull the lever to your left to stop the trap between the three traps operating simultaneously, take cover at the center because you will never make it if you try to cross it at once then after that go to the tomb like structure and claim the Royal Insignia to complete the Salazar Family Crown (provided the player defeated Verdugo in Chapter 4-1 and kept the Crown Jewel it dropped) and to rise up to the surface.



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