Chapter 4-4 is the final level in Resident Evil 4's Castle stage.

Plot summary Edit

Transcript Edit

Salazar: よくたどり着けましたねスコット君
Leon: またお前か

Salazar: 彼女は聖なる洗礼を受けて我らの仲間となるのです
Salazar: この偉大なる塔の頂上でね




Walkthrough Edit

After riding the lift you boarded in the previous chapter you will be in another part of the castle and you will see a statue of Salazar and a Zealot will pull a lever, blocking you from the next door way. Jump to each edge of the scaffolding and pull each lever, then the bridge will rise. Then the scary part comes, the statue will awaken and chase you, then columns will fall so get ready to dodge, then either kick or shoot the lock to the next door. After you leave there will be a bridge, cross it and it will collapse and the statue will fall so jump and climb like you did in the mines from the previous chapter, and enter the double doors to encounter Salazar then a cutscene will come and he will reveal his plans. Leon will throw his Knife at Salazar, but be prepared as the Verdugo you didn't fight will throw it back (not dodging will result in the knife hitting his throat, killing him), then dodge it and Salazar (wounded), and the Verdugo will escape through a lift.

Several, Zealots will appear and barrels will come. A suggestible weapon would be the Blacktail or Red9, because it will destroy the barrels in one or two shots, depending on how highly you have upgraded the power by then, while still only using pistol ammo. Be careful, though; flaming barrels will explode. Once you reach the top, kill the zealots operating the barrel dropper and more zealots will come in from the base of the tower, either run or use the barrel dropper and they will all die. Then you will need to push boxes off a lift to start it. Many Red zealots (some with plagas) will jump on the lift, and if there are more than one Zealot, the lift will halt. An idea here is to either use a pistol to shoot them in the face and kick them off, or use full power and use your shotgun. Before going up the lift go the right and you will notice a "Drop Down" action, press it and you will find a chest with a Gold Bangle .

Atop the towerEdit

You will encounter another lift and you will go up a path and find another Merchant, so buy as much as you can. Then a cutscene will appear where you will encounter Salazar and he and his Verdugo will fuse together and become a monster. There will be two floors on this level. If you are fairly proficient with the sniper, use it to hit his large eye, two shots should be enough if not, use the TMP. Then, Salazar will emerge from the beast and you can hit him with anything, just make sure it is powerful. Every once in a while the beast will make a lunging attack towards you. The best way to avoid this is to just run to the side before he attacks or, jump down to the first floor. However, there are fully grown Las Plagas down there and they are annoying to dodge. There are also some button moments, but those are easy to accomplish. Keep repeating the strategy above until Salazar is dead. After he is killed, go to the other platform and take his money to descend a rope, and a third lift. Then you will encounter Ada and she will offer you a ride, which leads to the end of the chapter.

Alternative strategy

Because Salazar drops 50,000₧, an easier strategy would be to buy the Rocket Launcher from the Merchant just before the boss fight. It only costs 30,000₧, so killing Salazar would still yield a profit of 20,000₧. To kill Salazar quickly with it, simply shoot the mutated Verdugo tentacle in its giant exposed eye until the carapace protecting Salazar opens up, and fire the rocket at him for an instant kill.

Further notes Edit


  • There will be zealot calls after you ascend the two lifts, but they are nowhere to be seen. However this may be because the zealots are below the lifts.
  • If you enter the room where you fight Salazar you will not see Salazar nor the Verdugo, but a cutscene will show them.


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