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Chapter 5-1 radio conversation (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 4.


Leon S. Kennedy: "I hate to break it out to you but Salazar's dead."

Osmund Saddler: "Yes, it seems that way."

Leon: "Saddler why don't you give up and let Ashley go home?"

Saddler: "Perhaps you are disillusioned with overconfidence just because you killed my small-time subordinate?"

Leon: "Saddler you're small-time."
Saddler: "Writhe in my cage of torment my friend."

Leon S. Kennedy: "悪いがサラザールは俺が倒した"

Osmund Saddler: "そのようだな"

Leon:"いい加減にあきらめて アシュリーを返したらどうだ"

Saddler: "勘違いだ あんな小物を倒したくらいでは私を倒すのは無理だと思うがどうかね"

Leon: "サドラー お前も小物だ"

Saddler: "我が虫篭の中でもがくがいい"

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