Chapter 5-3 introduces Leon S. Kennedy to Jack Krauser and the U-3.




Before leaving your current room, collect the 5k in gold bars to the left of the staircase tucked in the corner and read the note on the altar. Exit via the nearby door to trigger a cutscene with Ada and Krauser. Once it ends, proceed down the staircase to be greeted by a small battalion of militia, some wielding bowguns. You can either:

Run as fast as you can to the door on the other side, while conserving ammo if possible.

Try and pick off the bowguns first, and then finish off the remaining ones. Collect the nearby items and exit.

In the next room, head up the elevator and proceed to the center of the catwalk. Doing so triggers possibly the hardest cutscene in the game, a feasible yet fast-paced knife fight between Krauser and Leon.

The first prompt begins as soon as you see the assassin swing from the pipe, be ready to dodge. The second appears once Krauser finishes twirling his knife, and the third after they finish a brief topic. Once they reach the lower level, Leon will swiftly slash Krauser across the chest, angering him. Be ready for the next prompt, and then wait. Once Leon is pushed onto the ground and stood on by Krauser, mash the displayed button very fast, but keep your attention on the bottom portion of the screen; the button will change at one point. When Ada shoots the knife from above, take a sigh of relief; the confrontation has ended.

After a call from Saddler, proceed down the ladder and into the door. Enter the very modern corridor to discover it is a laser trap. Navigate the first two traps carefully, and be ready for a button prompt for the next one. Approach the laser traps to trigger two quick yet simple button prompts. Finally, activate the open switch on the door to activate one last laser trap, charging at you very quickly from the opposite side of the room. Run towards it, and press the button for a swift dodge. Once in Saddler's throne room, shoot the Elegant Headdress from the wall above you and approach his chair. Collect the emerald and (optionally) press the button again for a mystery action (I'll leave the surprise for you to find out). After having enough fun, go behind the chair to reveal a one-person elevator to the Island Caves.

Collect the nearby items, read the note, and pay a quick visit to the Merchant. Sell your treasures and garbage ammo and purchase some upgrades, preferably for the shotgun (or TMP), and your Magnum of choice; they will help in the next fight. When ready, proceed through the next of the caves until you meet the keeper of the cave...

Boss: U3 (It) Edit

Recommended Weapons: TMP, Magnum

Once the battle begins, quickly open fire on U3's head with a flurry of TMP bullets; if you do not have one, substitute it for a Shotgun, but save your Magnum for later. Once U3 jumps onto the rafters, locate the first control panel and activate the switch; Now you must search for the second panel. If you come across a dead end, locate a green switch and shoot the button to open the gate. Note that while you are doing this, occasionally U3 will extend his hand from the rafters to the floor, forcing you to press a quick button prompt to dodge. If failed, quickly break free or face instant death. He may also drop from the rafters and attack, most of the time it is perfectly safe to run past him and continue.

When both panels are activated, make a dash for the opening at the end of the container before the time limit ends; failure results in instant death. Once on the second container, proceed forward and repeat the process of holding back U3 until he jumps back up. navigate the area, activate the panels, and escape as normal. While the third container seems easy with the first panel right in front of you, you should still proceed with caution. U3 will reveal a large pincer-like claw from his back once you activate the panel, repeat the holding back process before he grabs you. You must go all the way around the container in order to break the switch that opens the final panel; note that speed-runners can do this quickly by tossing a grenade over the gate at the start, breaking the switch. Escape the container via the lowered crane.

Take a moment to pull out your magnum and possibly heal yourself. Step forward to engage U3 for the last time. Those with a halfway upgraded broken butterfly can quickly dispose of U3 with a flurry of shots to his head and pincer. Also note that U3 will not die from a rocket hit, but will be very severely weakened; a single shot of another gun will kill him (be sure it's a strong gun). Collect your 50,000 bounty, plus any remaining ammo pickups, and exit the area.

Go through the door that you were about to go through before being rudely interrupted by U3, and then keep on walking. The lift to the left leads you back to where you triggered the first battle. Keep on going and climb up the ladder. Once you go into the door, there will be a group of Militia down below. Shoot the barrel and if you're lucky, all of them will die. Go down and go into the large tent in the center. There will be a hole with a ladder down to a large hallway. Go through the hallway, but in the hallway, on the right, there will be an alternate path. Go in there, and pick up the Blue Stone of Treason, and put it in the Golden Lynx. Go back and continue down the path. There will be a Merchant, and a final Shooting Gallery. On the table to the Merchant's right, there will be a note by Krauser. Farther to the right, there will be a ladder. Go up the ladder, and go through the double doors. Keep on walking, and then there will be a cutscene... (No Quick-Time Events)

Krauser (Part 1)Edit

Run to the door as fast as you can- Krauser will start shooting his TMP at you. Go to the left (west), open the door, pick up the magnum ammo, climb up the ladder, and wait for Krauser. What you have to do for Krauser fights is what you do for knifing Ganados; back up when he slashes you and then run up and knife him. You may get put into a button-pressing scene, and you'll have to press up to four buttons to finish it, so get ready. After a while, he will throw a flash grenade. While you're blinded, he will leave.

On the roof of this building, if you stand between the hole and the wall (to the west of the hole, with the ladder across the hole from you), Krauser will be unable to hit you. When he flips toward you, he will fall down the hole, and his attempts at zig-zagging will leave him motionless. This will allow you to shoot him repeatedly without taking damage. You can tell his health has dropped far when his beret is blown from his head.

Go back down and to your left, there will be a gate. Open it, walk up a bit, and check for a shadow next to the walls. If you see one, don't walk at it; hide behind one of the walls and wait for Krauser to come at you. Run back to the roof of the previous building and repeat the process listed above. He may eventually run to the roof of another building to the north; if you can't lure him back, you'll have an excellent shot with a sniper rifle- be sure to watch for the mine darts he shoots. After he stops coming back to this building, exit the way you've been going and run to the right, then to the right again. On top of the other building, Krauser might either shoot at you or throw grenades. If he shoots at you, hide behind a pillar. If he throws grenades, keep running, while still dodging. Once you reach the building, he will jump down; don't worry about him and run to the right side of the building to the ruins at the back. Pick up the yellow herb and go up the stairs.

Up here, Krauser will throw grenades at you. Keep on dodging until he comes down; repeat the same tactic for close combat. Remember, do NOT use ammo on him yet. After he disappears, he will drop one of the key items and a statue will come down. Push it from the left until you can push it from behind, and put it on the strange-looking tile between the two brick walls. After you do that, a switch should open up. Go up and press it, and then go back down the stairs.

Go to the other side of the building; Krauser WILL be at the corner. Hide behind your corner and he will eventually come out; when he runs at you, do the old knife battle again. Go down to the other side and press the switch. Go into the gate, and to the left, there will be robot-like things on the ground. Shoot the dynamite attached to their bodies. Go as far up as you can and there will be a flying one. Shoot it quick, or it will shoot you. After going through, go to the right. Shoot the two robots and run through.

Krauser will ask you "What do you fight for, Leon?" At that time, press the action button. After the cutscene finishes, there will be two robots. Turn around and run into the small building. Go up the stairs and if you think you can make it, grab the yellow herb. Climb up the ladder, and go to the small wooden curved bridge. Pick up the key item there and prepare for a button-pressing cutscene...

Krauser (Part 2)Edit

After Krauser reveals his giant arm, a button prompt will come up. Press it and you will go into gameplay at that time. For this fight, you want to shoot him with the Rifle when he's at a distance, and knife him when he's close. He will have many dodegable moves, but when you are up close, he will have many kick moves that will leave you in a button prompt. Just keep on shooting him with the Rifle and knifing him. Sometimes, but rare, you can shoot Krauser while in the middle of a dodge (you could shoot Krauser while the dodge prompts are still on the screen). Once he clutches his heart and falls, pick up the final key item off of his body and then jump back down to where you came up, but don't go down the long staircase. Go into the gate with a small wooden bridge, and to the right, there should be a door. Put in the three key items in the door, open it, and you have finished Chapter 5-3.

If you are low on Rifle ammo or just don't want to use it there are two different strategies you can use.

Use the knife. If you can rush him and get him backed up into a corner he's a sitting duck.

Or you could use the Riot Gun. It takes two shots to make him fall to his knees leaving him exposed so you can plant some buck-shot right in his face. This process may take longer than the knife strategy but if you're just a novice it is a much safer option. The normal rifle is the best option, you can shoot him when he's at point-blank range, and you could skip the reload clip if you dodge a prompt.

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