Chapter 5-4 is the last conventional Chapter in Resident Evil 4; the next one being largely a boss level.


The chapter starts with Leon walking up a path to a point where Saddler calls and tells him that he was using Krauser for a diversion.

Later Leon approaches a military base and is forced to take cover as his back up helicopter arrives. Leon and Mike approach a fort and one by one the militia are shot, blown up, and crushed by the helicopter and the objects. When they leave Mike and the copter are shot by a militia wielding a Rocket Launcher.

Leon meets Ada again and the parasite takes him over and Ada is forced to fight back. Ada suggests that Leon get the parasite out of his body, but Leon insists that he save Ashley first. Leon runs into a Regenerador and is forced to either fight or flee. As he faces another base he must deactivate a lock system that occurs when a certain keycard goes missing. After leaving enter through a set of double doors to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene you will have Ashley back and you will flee through a set of hallways and unlock another triggering cutscene to end the chapter.


Saddler: So it seems you killed Krauser too.
How should I return my appreciation?

Leon:Wha? What are you talking about?
I thought he was with you.

Saddler: What are you talking about?
Did you really think I'd trust an American?
To tell you the truth, I was contemplating how to get rid of him.
But thanks to you, that's no longer necessary.

Leon: You were just using him right from the start.

Saddler: I must hand it to you... You've demonstrated quite a bit of promise by killing Krauser. When your assimilation with Las Plagas is complete, I'll have you serve as my guard.

Leon: Unfortunately I'm going to have to decline your generous offer. I have prior engagements.

Saddler: Enjoy your smart mouthing while you can.

Saddler: クラウザーを倒したようだな
礼を言わせて貰うよ レオン

Leon: …何の冗談だ

Saddler: 冗談はやめたまえ

Leon: 最初から使い捨てるつもりだったのか…

Saddler: それにしても奴を倒すとは放って置けない男だ

Leon: 悪いが先約があるんで遠慮させてもらう

Saddler: 軽口叩きまくって死んでいくがいい


Further notes


Easter eggs


  • In the cutscene with the helicopter sound starts, but the militia should have been able to hear the helicopter due to the mass amount of noise it makes during flight.



  • This is the second chapter where a friendly AI aids you in-game; the first was Luis Sera at the cabin in Chapter 2-2.
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