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" This anti-life form weapon accelerates and fires highly charged particles. "

The Charged Particle Rifle is a weapon that can be found in the underwater Missile Silo. It has been created by Umbrella to eliminate any t-Virus and G-Virus B.O.W. and is required for the fight against Morpheus. It has to be charged, and then can be used infinitely and can take out almost any B.O.W. in a single shot. After the first form of Morpheus the rifle loses charge and cannot be reused.

Further notesEdit

  • This weapon can be obtained after defeating the game in Hard mode.
  • Even if a player has it from the beginning, It wont do anything to Morpheus, just like a standard fire arm.
  • It resembles the Linear Launcher from Resident Evil CODE:Veronica and Darkside Chronicles.


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