The Checkpoint (検問所 Kenmonjo?)[1] is a location that appears in Resident Evil 5. It is the starting location of Chapter 1-1, and by effect, the entire game. It is the arrival point of BSAA agents Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar.


There are no enemies here, but there are Kijuju citizens wandering about, some of them behaving aggressively. One man repeatedly bludgeons a living creature in a sack before turning around to glare at Chris and Sheva. Another violent act has a man getting dragged away screaming into an alley behind one of the many shacks by two other men. It is unspecified if these people have already been infested with Las Plagas or if this is their typical behavior, but files later in the game support the former.

The player's only objective in this location is to proceed to the butcher shop to meet an informant named Reynard Fisher. If both players idle for a while, it will initiate a conversation between Chris and Sheva about his thoughts on the U.S. After this, Reynard leaves and Chris and Sheva begin their journey through the Back Alley.




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