Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Chicago is a major city in the United States located in the State of Illinois against Lake Michigan.

History with UmbrellaEdit

Umbrella U.S.A. operated a major branch in the city, and it was through here that other facilities in the US, such as those in nearby Raccoon City, were directed.[1] John Clemens was transferred to the Arklay Laboratory from Chicago to assist in the t-Virus Plan.[excerpt 1]

Chicago-based employees were also scheduled to take part in training seminars under Dr. William Birkin. These were to take place on the fourth Friday every other month in the sewer facility.[2]


  1. Excerpt from Resident Evil 2:
    "Ada Wong? I've heard that name before. Now I remember. One of the men from Chicago who came to assist the t-Virus research used his girlfriend's name as his password. 'Ada' and 'John', I believe." - Annette to Ada Wong.
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  2. Resident Evil 2, file: "Sewage manager fax".

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