Chicago Typewriter is a weapon in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.

It is unlocked in the rewards menu by finishing campaign on any difficulty. After that it can be bought for 10000 bp.

In campaign,It has much more firepower,much bigger capacity and much faster firing speed than both MP-AB50 and MP-AF.However to compensate this, it only has 1 customization slot space available.It also have a big recoil.

In raid mode,it has the weakest firepower compared to other machineguns but it still has more capacity and a faster firing speed.It can also have more than 1 customization slot available.It is a rare weapon to evaluate or buy it from shop.


Name Chicago Typewriter
Firepower 90.00
Firing Rate 30.00
Capacity 100
Parts slots
Campaign description
Good firepower made even better by overwhelming rapid-fire. The most powerful of machine pistols.
Raid Mode description
Machine Pistol: automatic gun that boasts rapid-fire and high ammo capacity.



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