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The Chimera made its debut in the original Resident Evil, but has little residual impact on the series, only re-appearing in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.

In the 2002 remake, it has an HP value of between 800 and 1220, relative to Chris' and Jill's 1400 and 960, respectively.[1]

Move set (remake)Edit

Chimera is capable of three moves in 2002's Resident Evil. This is one less than the original 1996 title, where the Chimera would also knock people over.[2]

Note: All names are provided by the biohazard Kaitai Shinsho guide.[3]

Move Damage Description/notes
Claw attack (vertical) (ツメ攻撃(縦) Tsume kōgeki (tate)?) 200 The Chimera slashes at the Player in a vertical manner.
Claw attack (horizontal) (ツメ攻撃(横) Tsume kōgeki (yoko)?) 120 The Chimera slashes at the Player in a horizontal manner.
Suspended from the ceiling (天井から吊り下げ Tenjō kara tsuri sage?) Instant death The Chimera grabs the Player from the ceiling and decapitates them.

Weapon guide (remake)Edit

Note: All stats are provided by the biohazard Kaitai Shinsho guide.[4]

Weapon Damage Number of ammunition/uses
Survival Knife (Chris's) 120 3-11
Survival Knife (Jill's) 72 3-17
Handgun 150 (Critical hit: 9999) 1-9
Samurai Edge 200 (Critical hit: 9999) 1-7
Shotgun Close range: 500
Mid-outer range: 300
Assault Shotgun Close range: 600
Mid-outer range: 400
Grenade Launcher (Grenade) Direct hit: 2000
Blast: 200
Grenade Launcher (Acid) Direct hit: 700
Blast: 200
Grenade Launcher (Explosive) Direct hit: 700
Blast: 200
Magnum Revolver 1500 1-2
Self Defense Gun 9999 1
Barry's 44 Magnum 9999 1
Flamethrower N/A N/A
Infinite Rocket Launcher Direct hit: 9999
Blast: 200
Dagger 50% of initial HP +1 2
Flash Grenade Direct hit: 9999
Blast: 200
Stun Gun 70-90% of initial HP 2

The Chimera can be killed with either shotgun at close range with just two shots. However, it is capable of retreating after taking one shot to the vents it came from, making it impossible to kill. The Self Defense Gun and Magnum Revolver can kill them in one shot. A direct hit from the Grenade Launcher (with normal rounds) will also kill the Chimera in one shot.

Bibliography Edit


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