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Chopper Zombie - George01:02

Chopper Zombie - George

Chopper Zombie (George)

Chopper Zombie (George) is a cutscene in the "Decisions, Decisions" scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak. This ending is shown if George Hamilton escapes Raccoon City, whilst remaining infected. Completing the level with a Chopper Zombie ending earns the player 30 points.[1]


Danny: "That was a close one. We'll head over the mountains, but... I wonder if its really over. Well at least we survived. Thank God - if there is a god."

George (soliloquy): "There is no ending to this story; now is the beginning. And the moment I finally understand it all, my memory is vanquished."

Danny: "間一髪だったな
まあ、 ともかく助かったんだ感謝しないとな
神様ってのが、 いるんたらね…"

George (soliloquy): "この物語に結末はない


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