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Chris Chapter 1 is the opening chapter to Chris Story in Resident Evil 6. It follows Piers Nivans as he locates his missing and amnesiac Captain Chris Redfield and convinces him to go back to field and help B.S.A.A. in Lanshiang, where Neo Umbrella is launching a massive attack.

Plot summary

Chris Redfield is found as a bitter drunk by Piers Nivans, who tells him he is going to go back to the BSAA. Though not wanting to as he cannot remember his own past, Chris is forced to as the patrons of the bar as fellow BSAA agents.

Deciding it's time to stop running from his past, Chris joins the BSAA mission in China, to save U.N. workers. To Chris's shock he sees the J'avo, which heal and mutate in response to the injuries he gives them.

Eventually, Chris and Piers escape a building being bombed. Recovering, Chris sees a cocoon, sparking a memory of Finn Macauley. At that moment, Chris remembers his past completely and solemnly says Finn's name.