Chris Chapter 4 is a chapter of Chris Story in Resident Evil 6. Chris and Piers find themselves captured inside Carla's Aircraft Carrier, while she's about to carry out the final stages of her plan for Lanshiang. Time is running over, and they must defeat the leader of Neo Umbrella herself before it's too late.


Fighting through hordes of bio-weapons and overcoming numerous traps, Chris and Piers make it aboard the aircraft carrier occupied by Neo Umbrella.

On the vessel's bridge, the two finally corner Ada just as she is readying a zombie missile: a weapon that—starting with China—will soon change the entire world into a living nightmare, just like the Raccoon City tragedy. Ada moves confidently, sure of her victory; however, sudden incoming fire from a helicopter mortally wounds her. Ada utters her last words, and falls from the bridge to her death. Chris and Piers recover an enhanced strain of the C-Virus and attempt to disarm the missile, yet here, too, is another one of Ada's traps. Without warning, the missile reactivates and launches. The subsequent in-air explosion envelopes the city in a zombifying gas, turning the entire metropolis into hell on earth.


""Really, Chris? After losing all your men, again? I got to say, I'm glad I'm not a member of your team."
"Goddamn you!"
"But where are my manners? I should thank them, for being such good test subjects."
"Ever since Edonia, I've wanted to see you dead. But that's not what we do. It's over, Ada!"
"You're right. It is over. For you and the city."
"And the dead fill flood the streets. Deja vu boys. Raccoon revisited. And this time, it won't be one city; it'll be the whole world."
— "Ada" and Chris

"(Over radio) This is FOS! Is this there anybody from the BSAA in the area?"
"FOS? (Turns on radio) This is Chris Redfield with the BSAA."
"Hold on, I'm transferring you to agent Leon Kennedy.
"Leon? (Over radio) Leon? Leon, where are you!?"
"Chris, we're just outside Taichi."
— Chris warns Leon that Raccoon City is getting an encore performance


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Further notes


  • In the ending cutscene to this chapter, one of the terrified civilians screams in English, as opposed to one of the Mandarin dialects that make up Standard Chinese. Since this wasn't subtitled, it was presumably an ad-lib from the localization crew.