Marvel Vs. Capcom
(Video game series)

Chris Redfield was a member of the BSAA and is a playable character in Marvel vs Capcom: 3, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom: 3, and Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. As of the latest installment, Chris is designated as the rank of Commander.


Following the unexpected merger of the Capcom and Marvel universes, Chris found himself fighting the Hulk on the rooftop of a skyscraper, and was briefly forced to save the succubus Morrigan Aensland from falling to her death. Soon after it became clear to both sides of the universe that the newly arrived Dormammu was a much greater threat.


There are a number of character endings to Marvel vs. Capcom 3, which are largely self-contradictory. Therefore none can be accepted as the defined canon ending.

  • In Chris' own ending, he brought Albert Wesker to trial for his involvement in the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident, with the prosecutor being Daredevil.
  • In Albert Wesker's ending, he and the Marvel characters were used as experiments for viral testing.
  • Deadpool's ending, he and Chris celebrated the defeat of Galactus.
  • In another ending, Chris congratulated Haggar on his assumption of the Presidency.
  • In the Hulk's ending, Chris and the Hulk explored a mansion where they encountered zombies and the Nemesis.


Chris debuts as a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, alongside Albert Wesker and Jill Valentine (who is DLC) and the Nemesis in this game update. Chris appears in MvC3 wearing his BSAA costume and uses a large variety of weapons such as the Smith & Wesson Model 29 Magnum, the Ithaca M37 Shotgun, the Stun Rod, his combat knife, the Flamethrower, Proximity Bomb Grenade, the Satellite Laser Device, the Milkor MGL Mk.1 Grenade Launcher, the Škorpion vz. 61 Submachine Gun, A Hand Grenade, the RPG-7 Rocket Launcher and the Silver Ghost, and some of his melee attacks from Resident Evil 5 are also included. His Combination Punch in particular, is taken from the battles with Wesker. His rival from the Marvel cast is the Hulk since Chris has a lot of experience fighting mutated creatures such as the Tyrants, Alexia, Wesker, etc.

Chris returns in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite as a veteran and character in the game's Story mode. The following adjustments were made to his combat style:

  • Standing L, which is Standing LP, is now rapid fire.
  • Gains a Magnum Gun bullet gauge maxes 3 bullets used and can be reloaded.
  • Revamped Combination Punch and its followups, besides having an increased juggle timing.
  • Grenade Launcher's freezing properties can now freezes juggled opponents properly.


Further notes

  • His MvC3 leitmotif is a remix of the Resident Evil 5 song "Majini V," while his MvCi leitmotif is a remix of "Assault Fire" from RE 5's Mercenaries Mode.
  • When Chris is tagged into battle with Hulk as his partner in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, Hulk would call him "Rock Puncher." This is a nod to the infamous climax in Resident Evil 5 of Chris punching a boulder in the final battle with Wesker.


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