"Chris Redfield" is a short story written by Benny Matsuyama which appears in the biohazard Kaitai Shinsho guide. It is a retelling of the game's opening cutscene, with the police investigation narration explained in much greater detail. Due to the nature of the Studio BentStuff and the Famitsu-Capcom partnership, all of Matsuyama's writings for such books are to be accepted as part of the mainstream canon.

Plot Edit

Chris Redfield is on a helicopter flying over the Arklays in search of Bravo Team. He thinks back to the recent events that led to this.

Chris was recruited two years ago into S.T.A.R.S., a special forces team linked to the Raccoon City Police Department. Recently there has been a number of murders, with lone individuals as well as suburban families being attacked by groups of as many as ten people. Chris found the crime scene photographs especially disturbing, as the victims' bodies were so badly mutilated that parental identification was not working, and that not even 10% of the violence committed has been reported in the media. In some cases the victims' faces have been ripped open and their bellies excavated. The presence of teeth from several people who were not the victims indicated cannibalism, with the investigation not ruling out the eating of living victims. The nature of the murders was simply so bizarre that Chris believes the news would not have accepted it.

The Raccoon City Police Department believed that the the perpetrators were an organised group of devil-worshippers who would consume narcotics before killing and eating human sacrifices. To track down suspects, the police began investigating hospitals for patients with suspicious injuries and pharmacies with unusual customers, as well as looking for any violent cults that could have been active in the area. However, they made no progress. Finally, the police concluded that, accepting the attackers were a cult, they must be living in the mountains to avoid suspicion. As the only team remotely qualified for combating this hypothetical cannibal cult, S.T.A.R.S. was brought into the case and the six man Bravo Team was sent out into the mountains to investigate. Communications have ceased, necessitating Alpha Team's intervention.

Alpha Team investigates Bravo Team's crash site, where they discover the body of Kevin, Bravo Team's pilot. Something attacks the team, and they are forced to flee into a nearby mansion when their own helicopter leaves without them.

Transcript Edit


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