George A. Romero
(Rejected movie script)

Chris Redfield was a Native American of part-Mohawk decent residing in Raccoon City. He was the partner of Jill Valentine.


Chris' father acquired a ranch in the Arklay Forest, and this passed into his son's hands, tended to by the ranch worker Rake. Chris himself raised at least three horses, one of which being "Lucky", his prized stallion. Over a number of years, Chris would go into the mountains each Autumn to see the eagles during their migration. He was able to get close enough to tell them apart, and gave them all names.

On the day after the T-viral outbreak, Chris left Jill's apartment to go fishing so he could see the birds, meeting "Goliath" and "Cleopatra". The latter eagle flew off after becoming frightened by something in the water while fishing. Chris looked back to the river to see the fish had been taken by something. He then returned to Jill's apartment before dawn, telling her that there was something living in the mountains before going to bed.

After a morning of love making, he witnessed Jill head off with S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team to investigate the T-Virus outbreak, angered she had not told him about her involvement with them. While Raccoon City was being evacuated, Chris escaped in a jeep to his father's ranch, only to find it had been ravaged by zombie dogs and had mortally wounded Rake and Lucky. After collecting his Winchester rifle and ammo for the gun, Chris killed the stallion out of pity and headed off into the forest to find out what had attacked his home.

Heading towards the Arkley Mansion, Chris witnessed S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team arrive via helicopters. He followed the mercenaries, finding the remains of Bravo Team members DiSimone, Russo and Williams and Jill's Beret. After the leader, Colonel Albert Wesker, threw the hat into a bush, Chris collected it, only to be attacked by a Zombie Dog. He managed to fend off the creature and was accidently saved from another by Rosie Rodriguez, who didn't realize his presence. While the team fled into the mansion via the front doors, Chris entered by a secret tunnel he used to play in as a child.

Reaching the door at the end of it, Chris was surprised to find the door blocked and rigged with an alarm. Trying to open the door, he alerted a nearby zombie of his presence and was saved by an unsuspecting Ridley. With the two arguing at each other, both didn't notice another zombie sneak up and kill the rookie member of S.T.A.R.S.. Chris killed the creature and slipped into the laundry chute after being discovered by Rebecca Chambers.

Further notes

Chris Redfield was originally intended to feature in Resident Evil, but George A. Romero's script was quietly turned down in favour of collaboration with Paul W. Anderson.