The Chris Story is one part of Resident Evil 6's campaign storyline, based around the characters Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans.


The plot to "Chris Story" stretches out from December 2012 to June 2013; four chapters are set at the end of that gap, with the second chapter serving as a flashback to the beginning. The story revolves around Chris Redfield's lust for vengeance after one of his teams was annihilated by Carla Radames, a woman altered to resemble Ada Wong. It picks up with Chris being found by Piers Nivans as an amnesiac drunkard in Eastern Europe. He is forced back into the BSAA and sent out with a new team to China to deal with a bioterrorist attack orchestrated by Carla.

Alongside this is a subplot about Jake Muller, who Chris later discovers to be Albert Wesker's son. In Chapter 5 he finally confronts Jake and admits responsibility for causing his death and announces his retirement to Piers. This is halted when Piers sacrifices his life to save Chris after encountering the Haos B.O.W.

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