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Chris finds the traitor (tentative) is a cutscene in the original Resident Evil.


Chris Redfield: "Is this...?"

Albert Wesker: "That's right; this is the ultimate lifeform, Tyrant!"

Chris: "Ho ho ho ha ha ha..."

Wesker: "Chris?"

Chris: "Hahahahahahahahahaha...."

Wesker: "Stop it!"

Chris: "Wesker, you're pitiful. This is your savior? You say this failure is your savior?"

Wesker: "You can make sure yourself whether Tyrant is a failure or not."
"Go to hell. Jill will join you too."
"What? Don't come this way!"

Chris: "You can't kill me!"

Chris Redfield: こいつが…

Albert Wesker: そう    究極の生命体―
”タイラント” だ

Chris: *ad-lib*

Wesker: クリス

Chris: ウェスカー    ヤキがまわったな
この ”できそこない” がおまえの救世主かなのか!

Wesker: できそこないかどうか―自分で確かめてみるんだな

Chris: 殺られるか!

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