Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Chuck was a civilian living in Raccoon City at the time of the t-Virus outbreak. He is an african-american man with a buzz cut and a goatee, appearing in his 30s, and wearing a plaid shirt and tan/gray trousers. He has no visible wounds, which may suggest that he was one of the initial citizens infected through tainted drinking water.


Chuck's character skin can only be accessed through cheat devices such as GameShark. He's a Jim-type character and starts with a Red/Green herb mixture in his inventory.

Chuck's stats are as follows:

  • A very fast movement speed similar to that of Samuel Kirk.
  • A weak vitality (between 1300 and 1900).
  • A similar attack power to that of Jim Chapman.
  • A high infection rate of 1.29% per minute.

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Further NotesEdit

  • Chuck is a template for stock zombies.
  • Like almost all of the Resident Evil Outbreak zombie templates, Chuck was used as a zombie in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. He briefly appears in the introduction of Raccoon's Destruction where he is among the zombies that attack Jill Valentine after she runs out of ammo.
  • He is labelled "Man7" in Resident Evil Outbreak.